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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  November 14, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EST

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pennacchio, for abc news. >> good for this house burned all the way down. >> a massive house fire leaves one person seriously hurt. the latest on an overnight breaking news event out of reisterstown. your wallet may feel the pain if lawmakers don't come up with a resolution to the looming fiscal cliff, so if there's no agreement, who' really to blame? this morning investigators look for answers. we're going to show you what happened on this wednesday, november the 14th. good morning, maryland, i'm charley crowson. megan is off today.
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we begin with a check of that forecast. meteorologist lynette charles. lynette, i confessed to you a few moments ago, i finally pulled out a jacket. >> i know you did. it's cold out there this morning, charley. we're dealing with temperatures in the 30s, low 30s, freezing, below that and this trend is going to stick around for a while. look at what we have on maryland's most powerful radar. remember yesterday we were dealing with wet weather. that pushed out nicely yesterday, though, and we were left with lots of sunshine. we're going to pick back up where we left off yesterday. cold front pushing through the area and we're feeling it this morning. clarksville 32 degrees, we're below freezing if union bridge with that temperature coming in at 31 degrees. the good news, wimeds won't be as bad as they were yesterday, they've already died down, but this is what you can expect as you head through the rest of today, so you're waking up to some frosty conditions as we go into about 9:00, temperature coming in at 37 degrees, lots of sunshine in the forecast for us today. by lunchtime today, you're going to want to keep yourself
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indoors with that temperature coming in at 46 degrees, although we will see plenty of sunshine out there on tap. get out there and enjoy it, but before you do, make sure you bundle up before you head out the door. let's get a check of traffic with lauren. >>reporter: good morning. we're still dealing with a water main break repairs in mount vernon. if you are traveling in the area, street is now open. you can make a left onto guilford avenue. as the morning rush does start to pick up, you will want to expect delays. this was the scene yesterday. as you can see, construction workers hard at work trying to fix this water main break. no word yet on when it will be. they have made significant progress. that is going to be the good news. you can stick with 83 as your alternate route. we are still dealing with a water main break on north charms street. that does remain blocked from 21st street to north avenue. 83 going to be your best alternate route or you can use calbert street instead. as we check in and take a live look at the west side of the beltway here at liberty road, traffic moving right along.
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no delays 95. [ inaudible ] that's a look at your traffic. charley, over to you. 4:33. and firefighters pull a person from a burning home. this is breaking news for you from overnight. what we know right now is that crews pulled a woman in her 60s from a home on blake court in reisterstown. that's not far from the bill's basement in reisterstown. you're looking at cell phone video of that fire. you can see the entire second floor of that home gone and the flames are still burning at this point. the fire broke out shortly after 1:00 this morning and quickly became a two-alarm fire. firefighters tell us the woman they rescued was initially taken to northwest hospital. we've just learned she's been moved to bayview. she's in critical condition. it's not yet clear what started this fire. still no word on the condition of three people involved in the late night shooting. this happened around 9:30 on west lafayette avenue in the
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western part of baltimore city. we first told you about this last night at 11:00 and police say two men and a woman were shot. emergency personnel took them all to the hospital. we're continuing to follow this story and we'll bring you the very latest as new information becomes available. checking out some of our other top stories for you this morning, caught on camera, a brawl between an mta bus driver and a student. take a look. [ screaming ] >> you can see the driver and the young girl violentry wrestling on board a city bus. they toss each other over the seat to across the aisle as passengers just look on. this incident happened monday afternoon on a number 40 line bus near baltimore and packard streets. a witness recorded the video on his cell phone and post td to youtube yesterday. we showed you this picture getting on and off buses and riders had different opinions about who's to blame.
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>> i don't know what caused it, why she went after her. but seems to me she should have contacted police. >> if you robbed a bus, you would see how many bus drivers. >> mta says the driver involved has worked for the transit authority since 2003. she's been suspended while an investigation continues. mta's police have also been in contact with the girl to get her side of the story. a baltimore native behind sesame street's elmo has been cleared. kevin clash was accused of having sexual relations with a minor, but his accuser is now withdrawing those allegations. the man who is now 23 says the relationship between the two was consentual and they were both adults. clash denied the claims from the beginning and said he "is relieved" this painful allegation has been put to rest. clash took a leave of absence from sesame street. this morning there's still no word whether or not he plans to return. two gunmen are on the
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loose this morning after a shooting at a taco bell involving a manager from the weekend. howard county police are offering a $2000 reward for anything leading to an arrest. police say the masked men were outside of a restaurant in colombia when they saw the manager and another employee walking toward them. they opened fire. the manager was shot a number of times and still in critical condition. if you're -- if you know anything, you're asked to call police. it's nationwide problem. we're talking about bullying and the effect it has on our children. today the maryland state education association is taking action by launching an anti- bullying initiative. student and teachers will hold a roundtable discussion on bullying prevention at the tapsco high school. the goal is to emphasize the need for safer school environments. local government leaders, students, teachers and local religious leaders are working to reduce teen smoking. today they're going to join the healthcare coalition for all in annapolis to ask for a $1
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increase. three cigarette taxes have reduced smoking by 32% in the state of maryland. that is more than double the current national average. you voted to expand gambling, now you're going to find out exactly what that means. this morning maryland casinos are going to be offering plans for table games and 24-hour gaming. they're expected to address the reconfiguration of the casino floor to help accommodate those new games, the creation of 1200 jobs and introduce a dealer training school. officials will also talk about the impact this could have on future tax revenues for the state of maryland. time now for a check of that forecast once again. lynette is here with us. you talked about the changes that were coming. this was on friday and into monday. you have certainly held up your end of the deal. >> i love it when i can get you. i can't believe this is the first time you've actually worn your coat. >> i don't mind cold weather. and this morning for whatever reason, i took the dogs out and that's enough. >> a frosty start out there.
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we're checking out temperatures below 32. we're going to feel it throughout the day. we're going to struggle to get out of the 40s today. let me show you what's going on right now because you can see that temperature. your actual temperature in cockiesville coming in at 30 degrees right now. that is below freezing. we're at 35 degrees in emmettsburg right now and gaithersburg at 33. 29 degrees in jefferson. and then as we head into landover, temperature there 32 degrees, across the eastern shore we're looking at a temperature of 34. federalsburg 34 degrees there as well. sparrows point 37, annapolis 36 and more of the same in chesapeake beach. we do have a light wind out there. here are your gusts. we can see gusts up to about 11 in annapolis, 17 in chesapeake beach. you know what this means. this means that while it does feel a little bit colder out there and you do need to bundle up as you head out the door this morning, we've been dealing with the cold temperatures for a while and they're going to be sticking around. so we look at what's going on in the sky, not a whole lot. we do have those clear skies. that's another reason why those
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temperatures are really able to drop off, those winds not blowing too hard, so you're not really getting the stir of the atmosphere. so with that temperatures will continue to be cold this morning and they will linger as we go throughout the day. we get the bigger view and basically we have high pressure on top of us and the high pressure is going to last for a while. we do have some change coming in the forecast once again. i'll tell you when all that arrives coming up. let's go back to charley. news time 4:39. it's a scandal rocking washington right now. for the first time we're going to hear one of the women who blew the whistle on general petraeus. find out what she's talking about and who she's talking to. imagine a plane crashing into your home while you're inside. take a look at this video. this happened in jackson, mississippi. the latest on this tragedy that left three people dead. and more than two weeks after sandy, some people in new york still in the dark this morning. now the slow response is costing people their jobs. >>reporter: well, charley, everything is up to speed right now traveling through the fort
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mchenry tunnel. i'll let you know what 83 and the beltway look like and i'll have more on the repairs that are under way, two large water main breaks in baltimore. stay with us. you're watching "good morning maryland."
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thanks for staying with us. we're now hearing from the woman who touched off the scandal that brought down cia chief petraeus as a top military commander now under investigation. officials have read thousands of what they're calling potentially inappropriate e- mails between general john allen and socialite jill kelley. she has been speaking to the media. instead, kelley's been calling police to complain about reporters and others piled up outside her home. she's requesting now diplomatic protection. >> we walked in the gate and they walked over as soon as we pulled up and he won't leave. by any chance -- i'm an honoree council general and so i have involability. so they should not be able to
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cross my property. i don't know if you want to get diplomatic protection involved as well. >> kelley had volunteered with the military, but she's not an employee and the fbi and the cia are expected to brief lawmakers on exactly what they know about the petraeus scandal. that's going to happen later today. the growing scandal is sure to be one of the big topics discussed with president barack obama's meeting with reporters today. it's the first since the resignation of director petraeus. president obama is also expected to get questions about the attack in benghazi that killed the u.s. ambassador to libya and also he'll be talking about the fiscal cliff. as that deadline now inches closer, lawmakers continue fighting over how to resolve this so-called cliff. so what if they can't reach an agreement? according to a new "washington post"/pew research center poll, this was connected after the election, 53% of americans say the republicans and congress would be more to blame. 29% would say it would be president barack obama's fault and 10% believe the president
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and republicans would share the blame. the poll also found the majority of americans think we will go over that cliff before the end of the year. since losing the election, mitt romney has been losing facebook fans by the thousands. the "washington post" noticed a drop on friday when the gop presidential hopeful, well, he lost 593 likes in an hour, but it's not like he's hurting for social media pals. as of monday afternoon, he still had more than 12 million facebook fans and more than 1.7 million followers on twitter. in news around the nation this morning, three people are dead after a small plane crashed in a house in jackson, mississippi. firefighters battled massive flames at the crash site. authorities say the plane had just taken off when the pilot requested to return pause of an on-board emergency. all three on board were killed. the person in that home, that home, look at this, they made it out with only minor injuries. the u.s. military is considering whether to move forward now with a court martial for an american soldier accused of killing 16 afghan
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citizens. a preliminary hearing for sergeant robert bales wrapped up tuesday. the army says bales carried out those killings alone, but his lawyer says they're looking at the possibility that there were other soldiers possibly involved. >> we need to know if there was more than one person outside that wire. we need to know why there are shots fired after they say sergeant bales returned to the base. those are the things we're going to explore going forward. >> bales faces counts on 16 premeditated murder charges an six counts of attempted murder. that could make him eligible for the death penalty. it has been more than two weeks since sandy struck and some in new york have had enough of being without power. they're suing the long island power authority saying the utility company is taking way too long to restore electricity and it isn't being up front about how long those repairs will take. in response to that criticism, the acting chief executive of the long island power authority has resigned effective the end of the year. new york governor andrew cuomo announced plans to have a special commission investigate the going on within that utility.
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time now for a check of the forecast once again with lynette. it is cold and we think about those people in new york, lynette, the temperatures are getting dangerous. >> i know, charley. we've been talking about this for it seems like forever now. it just gets sadder and sadder. and for us here, some of us, we do have our power, a lot of us have our power back, but it's still cold nonetheless and this is what we'll be expecting as we go through the rest of today. let's talk about those temperatures right now coming in at 35 degrees in arnold, 32 in perry hall and churchville coming in at 34. so when you get in your car this morning, you're going to blast that heat because you're going to need to. we have a frosty start out there. the winds are on the light side out there at two miles, we'll take that, not adding insult to injury too much. at the surface, though, we do have high pressure that will be building in. we have the front off towards the east. this is the one that's moved through that brought this chilly air that we are dealing with as we go into the afternoon. so we will struggle to get to 50 degrees for today. we are definitely going to be feeling it. as you head out and about this morning, you know you need that big thick coat.
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even as you go into the afternoon, you're going to want to keep it around because these temperatures are not going to budge too much. now, this is what the future trend looks like. i need you to follow this timeline right above my head there and you'll see there's not a lot of change, not dealing with a lot of clouds out there, not dealing with a lot of rainfall, and this continues for the next few days. you do have time, get out there and wash that car. i should take your example because mine is filthy. 49 degrees as we go throughout the day. it's going to be a chilly day on tap, but plenty of sunshine in the forecast. by this evening 31 degrees, clear skies, temperatures will fall below freezing once again. so be prepared for that. and tomorrow's temperature coming in at 52 degrees, continued sunshine, but it's still going to be a bit chilly. we should be about 58 degrees, 57 now for this time of the year, so these temperatures will continue to stay below, even through the seven-day forecast, look at that, as i step out of the way, come back in, we still see plenty of sunshine as we go into saturday with the rain coming by sunday. let's get a check now of the abc 2 time saver traffic with
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lauren cook. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, lynette. my car is a mess too. maybe weeb can wash them together. i actually woke up and had some frost on my windshield, so you very well could be waking up to the same conditions this morning. we are still dealing with repairs to the water main break in mount vernon. so madison street is now open. you can actually take that, make a left onto guilford and travel downtown. but as the morning rush does pick up, you will want to expect a lot of congestion. calbert street or 83 will be your best alternate routes. we're still dealing with a massive water main break from last week. north charles street does remain shut down. that's going between north avenue and 21st street. calbert street a good alternate route. there's always st. paul street and maryland avenue. 83 right now nice and clear. if you are headed out to 695, as we check in and take a live look at the top side here in towson, delaney valley road, no delays whatsoever, it will be an easy ride headed up towards 83 or if you are traveling the inner loop all the way down to 95. thlooks like at is scwann road.
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it will be an easy drive down toward the beltway and will remain clear on the jfx. that's a look at your abc 2 news time saver traffic. charley, over to you. a new program to get people through airport security quicker is now coming to bwi. it's announcing today to start its tsa precheck service. frequent flyers who use delta, united and u.s. airways will go through an expedited screening process. bwi is the 32nd airport to begin using the precheck program and they have more than 4 million customers annually. parents of newborning are -- newbornses are now being asked to hold off on the bottles for the first six months. the new recommendation that the deuft maryland uses when it comes to breastfeeding. also blood donations are vital to saving lives, but not just in human. coming up you're going to meet one of the most unique blood donors and the life this animal is saving. so you have your iphone, you have your android, well, make sure you go to our website and download our app because you can get the temperature
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where you live. if you live in reisterstown, temperature coming in at 33 degrees, essex 34 under clear skies. don't go anywhere, "good morning maryland" will be right back.
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five things you may want to know on this wednesday morning. the anne arundel county board of education has set atentatively to approve the school calendar for 2013-2014. educators, school personnel and parents helped formulate that calendar. it maintains the weeklong spreak in april and -- spring break in april and four days for inclement weather. the group met in annapolis. "snow white and the seven dwarfs" turns 75. the classic was the first feature-length animated film ever made. an exhibition behind the scenes of "snow white" opens at the family museum in los angeles. facebook has added a new tool for its page. the social media site has taken information about users who are
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in relationships and created a page for you whether you want it or not. the page details your shared posts, events and photos for where you're both tagged. one user said she was ready to break up with her husband on facebook just to end the shared page. it seems people may be texting less according to one analyst. the average cell phone customer now sends 675 texts a month compared to 700 that were sent early this time this year. reports say rather than texting, men are using apps like skype, google voice and facebook messenger. 675 still seems like a lot. an investigation into the deadly fungal meningitis outbreak shows more than a decade ago health inspectors want today shut down the pharmacy linked to the outbreak. they wanted the pharmacy to clean up its operations. outbreak is being blamed for 32 deaths and nearly 400 more cases are presumed from the fungal meningitis. the report was released by the fda on monday. hospitals throughout the state have been given a new set of recommendations for
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breastfeeding policies. this comes from the maryland department of health and mental hygiene. some of those suggestions include maintaining a written breastfeeding policy and trending staff -- training staff on those policies. they also suggest getting moms in support groups after they've been discharged. no hospital, though, is required to put any of these recommendations into full practice. well, the same cafeteria where a teen was shot lost a lot of blood. donors have come to give back. they donated blood in honor of perry hall high school student daniel beroe. he was shot on the first day of class and needed 10 pints of blood to recover. his parents say it gave them chills to walk into that cafeteria after what happened, but they were glad to see all of the support coming for their son. >> the community gave and is still giving to us and it's nice that we can give back to the community or help the community in giving back. >> more than 70 people came to donate and one pint of blood can save as many as three lives. well, it's not just people who can donate blood to save lives, pets
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